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27 August 10:00NAV:lab Sickla

Prologue for the Uncreated

In his keynote lecture to the symposium "building community," Dejan Lukić, PhD, Professor of Art Writing, School of Visual Arts, NYC, will address these questions: What is a community? What is an encounter? What is dialogue, human and nonhuman? What is our present way of living together? Can we imagine other ways of living in community? 

Today, in a world of absolute fragmentation, this last question has become the most difficult thought possible. Radical visions can no longer be constructed upon grand narratives, the traditional philosophical approach. Instead we need a new language, a syntax of fractal multitude. Sources and inspirations for a new vision of community can be discovered in the writings and artworks of those who dare to imagine alternate realities. Once we have new dreams, we can evaluate them with sharper precisions and build them out with concrete scaffolding-- test and fit them into this present world. Lacking new visions, we have one alternative: to burn in the present dream-- one that none of us actually brought into existence, yet which we move through, passively, like apparitions, convincing ourselves that it is the only real one. 

Tues Aug 27: "Prologue for the Uncreated"  
10:15-10:25 Peter Lynch, introduction to  Dejan Lukić  
10:25-11:25 Dejan Lukić, lecture "Prologue for the Uncreated"
11:25-11:40 Pernilla Glaser, respondent

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Pernilla Glaser
Facilitator/ innovator/Teacher/Author

Pernilla Glaser has worked with art and community-buiding in various roles; as a director of theatre, facilitator, innovator of new forms of libraries etc. She has had special focus on storytelling and the exchange between formal and informal knowledge. Pernilla is a recurring guest-teacher at the University of arts Craft and Design and Academy of Dance and Circus working with writing, language, play and reflection. She is a senior facilitator at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) based at the Urban Development-group and operating from Stockholm. Pernilla is also a writer with several novels and plays published in Sweden. 

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Dejan Lukic
professor of art writing at the School of Visual Arts in New York

Dejan Lukić (b. 1973) is a professor of art writing at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He received PhD in anthropology from Columbia University in 2007. He is a scholar and writer with ten years of teaching experience in art schools, liberal arts colleges and research universities in the USA. These include Reed College, Rutgers University, The New School, Columbia University, and the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. He conceptualized more than a dozen undergraduate and graduate courses and served as a thesis advisor to numerous students who worked on projects crossing the boundaries of anthropology, philosophy, and art. 

He has published two books: "Phantom Territoriality" (Bloomsbury, 2014), dealing with the aesthetics of terrorism, and "Elemental Disappearances" (Punctum, 2016), which is a series of thought-images on contemporary art. He is currently writing a trilogy called “Emanations" that covers themes of charisma, enchantment, nature, and multi-ontologies. The individual volumes are titled “Charismatic Image”, “Its Total Radiance”, and “Archipelagic Surge”. 

Moreover, all of Dejan's work is informed by future pedagogies of creativity. To this end he runs an art and ecology Summer school on the Adriatic island in Croatia, where intricate bioregional models inform all learning activities, and where microclimate operates as an integral part of academic programing. This approach is applicable to any microclimate in the world and as such has a potential to mark the future of interdisciplinary learning:

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