27 August - 6 September 2019NAV:lab Sickla

"Building Community"
Symposium & Workshop

Symposium August 27, 28, 29

“By rebuilding community, we will renew democracy and the hope we invest in it. We will achieve something that, paradoxically, we cannot realise alone: self-reliance." ― George Monbiot

Today we face tremendous challenges on multiple fronts, social and environmental. The climate crisis; accelerating species loss and habitat destruction; involuntary mass migration; political gridlock; rise of neo-nationalism and authoritarianism; increasing gap between rich and poor.  Current social and cultural patterns, professional disciplines, and political/economic systems are challenged to address these crises. One path to peaceful change lies in the reinvention and renewal of community. What does "building community" mean, how can it address the situation, and how can it be achieved? What can we contribute as citizens and in our professional/productive roles? Our three-day symposium explores the following themes:

Day 1: "The Necessity and Difficulty of Community" Philosophers discuss the roots of community and its problematic character
Day 2: "Architecture and Community" Frank conversations about the failures and potentials of architecture and urban planning in shaping society and building community
Day 3: "Community and Communication" Conversations about collaboration, dialogue, cooperation, co-creation and the urgent need for a renewal of community 

The symposium is open to all. You are welcome to attend the entire event or drop in for any part.  This is a hybrid academic/public event:  240 advanced architecture students from KTH will join the symposium as their first course for the semester. After the three-day symposium ends, the students will continue working on questions of community building in an architecture design workshop.

Free of charge for all students and members of "Föreningen NAV:scen". You can become a member here:https://navscen-ideell-frening...
 Not a student or a member? You will be asked to donate a fee of your choice (50-250 SEK/Day) at the door. You can pay with Swish or credit card.

All attendees need to sign up - click on the button above.

Workshop Aug 30 - Sept 6 

In this one-week intensive workshop, 240 advanced architecture students at KTH will conduct an experimental autocritique of architecture and its community-building potential. All are welcome to attend the final presentation and analysis: Friday Sept 6, 13:00-17:00, at NAV:LAB Sickla.  

Symposium Schedule

Tues Aug 27, Day 1: "The Necessity and Difficulty of Community"  
9:00-9:05 Malin Åberg-Wennerholm, KTH Architecture leadership: Welcome
9:05-9:45 Peter Lynch, Karoline Bottheim and Daniel Lundqvist in conversation: Goals of the Workshop
9:45-10:25 Peter Lynch, introductory lecture "The Problem of Community”
10:25-11:25 Dejan Lukić, keynote lecture "Prologue for the Uncreated". Read more about the lecture below.
11:25-11:40 Pernilla Glaser, respondent
11:40-13:30 LUNCH BREAK
13:30-14:35 Erik Bordeleau, webcam lecture "How to Be Together without Being One? Variations on the Commons and Transindividual Practices of Attunement"
14:35-14:50 Pernilla Glaser, respondent
14:50-15:50 Erik Bordeleau, Dejan Lukić and Pernilla Glaser in conversation
15:50-16:00 BREAK
16:00-16:45 Erik Bordeleau, Dejan Lukić and Pernilla Glaser in conversation with the audience
16:45-17:30 MINGLE

Wed Aug 28, Day 2:  "Architecture and Community"  
12:45-13:20 Peter Lynch, introductory lecture "The Unhappy Story of Modern Architecture and Community" 
13:20-14:05 Frederika Friberg, lecture "The Art of City Building" 
14:05-14:25 Peter Hallén, respondent
14:25-15:10 Peter Hallén, lecture "An Architectural Journey from the Social Awareness of the 70's to the Self-indulgence of the 80's (and Back Again)"
15:10-15:30 Oscar Hafvenstein, respondent
15:30-15:45 BREAK 
15:45-16:30 Oscar Hafvenstein, lecture “Game Over, New Game: De-commodifying
(and Resurrecting) Architecture (and Society)”
16:30-17:30 Oscar Hafvenstein and Per Johansson in conversation 

Thurs August 29, Day 3: "Community and Communication" 
12:45-13:00 Daniel Lundqvist, welcome and introduction
13:00-14:00 Karoline Bottheim, lecture "Community and Communicating" 
14:00-14:45 Pella Thiel, lecture "Community Building in the Transition Movement"
14:45-15:30 Pella Thiel and Per Johansson in conversation
15:30-16:00 Questions and responses
16:00-16:30 BREAK, audience conversation/breakout sessions
16:30-17:15 Karoline Bottheim: Introduction to students’ workshop task
17:15-17:30 MINGLE


Sept 5 Myter & Mysterier LIVE - Konsumtionen och Klimatet  (Biljett behövs/tickets are required ) Dialogpub 18-21 (AfterWork från 17:00) Läs mer och anmäl dig här:

Sept 6 Spektro Playbackteater och After Work 17:00 - 20:00 Imagine: Future of Communities

All you need to know

Drinks, snacks and finger food will be available for a fair price

Schedule: see above
Where: Järnvägsgatan 35, Sickla, 131 54 Nacka, Sverige


Dejan Lukic' Keynote lecture

In his keynote lecture to the symposium "building community," Dejan Lukić, PhD, Professor of Art Writing, School of Visual Arts, NYC, will address these questions: What is a community? What is an encounter? What is dialogue, human and nonhuman? What is our present way of living together? Can we imagine other ways of living in community? 

Today, in a world of absolute fragmentation, this last question has become the most difficult thought possible. Radical visions can no longer be constructed upon grand narratives, the traditional philosophical approach. Instead we need a new language, a syntax of fractal multitude. Sources and inspirations for a new vision of community can be discovered in the writings and artworks of those who dare to imagine alternate realities. Once we have new dreams, we can evaluate them with sharper precisions and build them out with concrete scaffolding-- test and fit them into this present world. Lacking new visions, we have one alternative: to burn in the present dream-- one that none of us actually brought into existence, yet which we move through, passively, like apparitions, convincing ourselves that it is the only real one. 


Dejan Lukić
Professor - School of Visual Arts New York

Dejan Lukić (b. 1973) is a professor of art writing at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He received PhD in anthropology from Columbia University in 2007. He is a scholar and writer with ten years of teaching experience in art schools, liberal arts colleges and research universities in the USA. These include Reed College, Rutgers University, The New School, Columbia University, and the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. He conceptualized more than a dozen undergraduate and graduate courses and served as a thesis advisor to numerous students who worked on projects crossing the boundaries of anthropology, philosophy, and art. 

He has published two books: "Phantom Territoriality" (Bloomsbury, 2014), dealing with the aesthetics of terrorism, and "Elemental Disappearances" (Punctum, 2016), which is a series of thought-images on contemporary art. He is currently writing a trilogy called “Emanations" that covers themes of charisma, enchantment, nature, and multi-ontologies. The individual volumes are titled “Charismatic Image”, “Its Total Radiance”, and “Archipelagic Surge”. 

Moreover, all of Dejan's work is informed by future pedagogies of creativity. To this end he runs an art and ecology Summer school on the Adriatic island in Croatia, where intricate bioregional models inform all learning activities, and where microclimate operates as an integral part of academic programing. This approach is applicable to any microclimate in the world and as such has a potential to mark the future of interdisciplinary learning:

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Erik Bordeleau

Erik Bordeleau is researcher at the SenseLab (Concordia University, Montreal), fugitive planner at the Economic Space Agency (ECSA) and affiliated researcher at the Center for Arts, Business & Culture of the Stockholm School of Economics.  His work articulates at the intersection of political philosophy, media and financial theory, contemporary art and cinema studies, with a marked interest for the speculative turn and the renewal of the question of the possible in contemporary thinking. Erik Bordeleau is the author of two books, Foucault anonymat (Le Quartanier, 2012, Spirale Eva-Legrand 2013 award) and Comment sauver le commun du communisme? (Le Quartanier, 2014), both recently translated to Spanish. He has also co-edited a collective book on the Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Nocturnal Fabulations Ecology, Vitality and Opacity in the Cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul, OHP Press, 2017), and another one on the work of Peter Sloterdijk (Aux limites de l’empire : mesures de Sloterdijk Editions Dehors, 2019). He has recently taught a series of seminars on critical cryptoeconomics at the School of Disobedience at Volksbühne (Berlin) and with Saloranta & De Vylder, he is developing The Sphere, a p2p community platform for self-organization in the performing arts. He is based In Berlin. 

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Per Johansson
Idéhistoriker, Humanekolog

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Oscar Hafvenstein
Owner, Boys Don't Cry and Design Consultant

Co-founder of concept and design agency Boys Don’t Cry since 2006. BDC is focused on finding out how to understand and expand the commercial value of design. BDC has created over 30 concepts and more than 1000 stores for Swedish and international fashion, service, and product brands. The power of conceptual design has been proven in a number of situations, most notably when BDC transformed the retail concept for a telecommunications brand in Russia, increasing sales 40% in over 600 stores. This raised the value of the brand, when sold, by approximately 1 billion €. 

Developer of network-based business models and operations. Co-founder of The Power of X, a co-working, cross functional, multi-agency projects platform.  Oscar’s main focus: how to invent, develop and operationalize horizontal creative organizations and work communities with cross-functional excellence. Today’s normative collaborative structures and organizations have trouble dealing with work’s new complexities-- digitalization, networking, and the eco-systemization of the physical. The new opportunity space of architecture requires a new, non-corruptive understanding of place-based design.

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Daniel Lundqvist
Medskapande samhällsutvecklare och koordinator NAV. Konsult/VD på NAV Lab Sweden AB

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Karoline Bottheim
Partner & senior konsult, Länka Consulting

Karoline är grundare av Länka Consulting och har lång erfarenhet av att leda, designa och genomföra stora förändrings- och samverkansprojekt inom privat, offentlig och ideell sektor. Hon har tidigare arbetat på Svenska Röda Korset och som konsult hos Ramböll Management Consulting, Svennerstål & Partners och SamSari. Karoline är författare till boken Att lyckas leda i samverkan (2019).

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Fredrika Friberg
Stadskreatör Nacka kommun

Fredrika Friberg är ledare, entreprenör, konstnär, visionär, fallskärmshoppare, skärmflygpilot och river ner mullrande applåder när hon föreläser på ställen som House of Parliament i London. Fredrika är hjärnan och drivkraften bakom framgångskonceptet Konsten att skapa stad och initiativtagaren till gatukonstfestivalen Wall Street (when art is the gold) med ambition att förbättra och lysa upp världen med nya hoppfulla historier. Nackas och Sveriges enda stadskreatör Fredrika Friberg delar sina perspektiv och visdomar om vad som är viktigt, klurigt, svårt och avgörande när man skapar ett samhälle - och varför hon introducerat en ny DNA-.kod i arbetet med utvecklingen det offentliga rummet. 

Fredrika Friberg is a leader, entrepreneur, artist, visionary, skydiver, and on-screen pilot, and is met by rumbling applause when she lectures in places like the House of Parliament in London. She is the brain and driving force behind the movement "The Art of Creating a City" and is initiator of Nacka's street art festival "Wall Street," which aims to improve and brighten the world with new hopeful stories. In her lecture Nacka's (and Sweden's) only city creator Fredrika Friberg will share her perspectives and wisdom on what is important, clear, difficult and crucial when creating a society - and why she is injecting a new DNA code into the development of public space.

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Pella Thiel
Omställare, ekolog mm

Pella  Thiel har en examen i ekologi och har även studerat bl a miljökommunikation och kulturgeografi. Hennes professionella bakgrund är framförallt som projektledare inom miljörörelsen, mest naturvägledning. Pella har länge varit engagerad i det civila samhället, nu inom omställningsrörelsen och Naturskyddsföreningen. Pella själv säger att ”jag ägnar alldeles för mycket tid åt att tänka på framtiden och tror att lösningarna på våra största utmaningar finns inom oss”.

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Malin Åberg Wennerholm
Vice GA, Proprefekt, Adjunkt KTH

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Peter Hallén
Permaculture architect

After graduating from KTH, Peter Hallén apprenticed with a few well-known architects in Stockholm, designing churches with Rolf Bergh and a city hall extension with Gösta Edberg. He was invited to teach at KTH, an inspiring experience. After five years at KTH it was time for new challenges at Beckmans School of Design, teaching graphic communication, fashion, and product design. Parallel to teaching he built his own practice. An invitation to the Milan Furniture Fair opened up a new world, furniture and interior design. Peter has designed everything from cosmetics packaging, wine and whisky labelling, exhibitions, and wellness products to skyscrapers for a political party. In 2008 studies in permaculture and small-scale organic farming became his focus. He is now designing buildings, housing estates, and commercial interiors, integrating permaculture principles and sustainable practices wherever possible. 

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Peter Lynch
Guest Professor KTH

Guest Professor at KTH Architecture. Principal, Building Culture PLA, a Stockholm design company. US registered architect since 1988. Opened Peter Lynch Architect PLLC in New York in 1991. Head of Cranbook Academy of Art graduate architecture department 1996-2005. Has taught at Harvard GSD, Columbia, Rhode Island School of Design, City College of New York, Parsons, and Penn State University, where he was 2015 Stuckeman Visiting Professor. Received a 2004-2005 Rome Prize. From 1996-2012, co-directed Metasus Design (Shenzhen and Hong Kong). From 2010-2014, co-directed Lynch+Song, a Beijing architecture studio. For academic papers and writings visit For design work see

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Pernilla Glaser
Facilitator/ innovator/Teacher/Author

Pernilla Glaser has worked with art and community-buiding in various roles; as a director of theatre, facilitator, innovator of new forms of libraries etc. She has had special focus on storytelling and the exchange between formal and informal knowledge. Pernilla is a recurring guest-teacher at the University of arts Craft and Design and Academy of Dance and Circus working with writing, language, play and reflection. She is a senior facilitator at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) based at the Urban Development-group and operating from Stockholm. Pernilla is also a writer with several novels and plays published in Sweden. 

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