Warm Data Lab Host Training

"The most important task of this moment is to generate a base of people who are eager to practice perceiving the complexity and interdependency in every aspect of our lives."

- Nora Bateson

It's time for new thinking with an inter-systemic approach. Join us to be trained and certified as a Warm Data Lab host by Nora Bateson. Applicants will need to complete every session of the course to certify.

About the training

The Warm Data Lab is created to help release and revitalize sensitivity to the sacred processes of the life that have been fragmented by the last several hundred years of history. Warm Data Labs are made for a broken world. The Warm Data Lab host training is led by Nora Bateson and accredited by the International Bateson Institute in Sweden.

Warm Data Lab hosting is a critical qualification for leaders, business professionals, educators, healers, social and environmental activists and anyone who longs to live in a more harmonious and joyful world. As a Warm Data Lab host you will see and feel differently. You will understand more deeply and model better behaviour. There is no goal in a Warm Data Lab. Only warmth, and Life. The rest takes care of itself, in ways that are radically different from traditional ways of intervening to effect change.

The Warm Data Lab host training is led by Nora Bateson and accredited by the International Bateson Institute in Sweden.

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Nora Bateson

Nora Bateson is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and educator, Founder and President of the International Bateson Institute, based in Sweden, and has run over one hundred Warm Data Labs around the world. Building on the legacy of her renowned father, Gregory Bateson, her work integrates the sciences, the arts and professional knowledge. Nora’s purpose is neither to promote an ideology nor to offer a solution to personal and world problems. Instead, she helps us look at our world anew, so that we discover fresh patterns of connection and information, previously invisible to us. She calls this information ‘warm data’. In 2019 Nora was the recipient of the Neil Postman Award for Career Achievement in Public Intellectual Activity.

To read more about Nora Bateson and what Warm Data Lab host certification entails, please see visit the International Bateson Institute or Nora’s blog.

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Practical information

When: Tuesday 2nd August 2022 - Saturday 6th August 2022

Where: NAV Rotorfabriken, Värmdövägen 120, Järla, Nacka

Course fee:  €1600 (including 25% VAT), the course fee includes lunch, morning and afternoon coffee/tea, but do NOT include accommodation, which should be arranged by the participant if needed.

Note: A limited number of concession fee places (€1000) will be made available at the discretion of the event organiser. If you intend to apply for a concession place, please provide information to support a concession place in you application. We cannot make any guarantees that we will offer you a concession place, but we would do our best to support enthusiastic participants regardless of their financial position.

Application: Apply here.