5 - 7 majNAV Rotorfabriken

Playback Theatre Festival
NAV, may 5-7

About Playback Theatre
Playback theatre is interactive improve-form that has its roots in experimental theatre and storytelling. In a Playback performance, that often has a theme, the actors mirror what the audience share with a magical blend of poetry, music and movement.
A Playback performance is a “here and now” experience and is always unique since it is improvised and not based on a script. 

These performances are part of a playback theatre festival based on the collaboration between the four groups, Teater X, Spektro, Tellus and the Lithuanian group 4 Rooms. Welcome to an exciting series of playback performances under the overall theme of “Life is a journey”


Public program

Friday, May 5, at 7 pm, Teater X - "What is emerging?"

Saturday, May 6, at 7pm, Spektro - "Gratitude - what is already there?"

Sunday, May 7, at 2:30 pm, Tellus - "Turning point"

Sunday, May 7, at 6:30 pm, 4 Rooms - "Home"
OBS! This performance will be held in Lithuanian

Where: NAV Rotorfabriken, Värmdövägen 120, Järla

Price: 150 :- 
See two performances for 250 :-
See all performances for 350 :-

Soup, snacks and drinks available at a good price

Organised by NAV Sweden in collaboration with, TeaterX, Spektro, Tellus, 4Rooms

Questions? Mail to:  info@navsweden.se



4 Rooms

4 Rooms (Lithuania): “Home” Sunday 18.30 (performance in Lithuanian)

The very first Playback performance of the 4 Rooms team in Sweden invites you to explore the meaning of home – is this a place or a feeling? A real point or a picture created in the imagination? What do we mean when by saying "this is my home"?

We, Applied Theater team „4 Rooms“, are practitioners of art daily routine. We were founded in 2017 for forum theater project, and we can't stop anymore. Our superpower is developmental change through entertainment. Using various theatrical methods, we create stories for the audience, dive into them together, so that we can all come back different. Now we have a wonderful opportunity to immerse into Playback theater together with colleagues from Sweden and Norway.

Let’s meet and enjoy!
Raimonda Agnė Medeišienė, Laurynas Graikšas, Vilma Raubaitė, Viačeslav Lukjanov, Eglė Skrolytė, Irena Jankutė, Valentinas Krulikovskis


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Teataer X

Our lives unfold out of shared soil, nourished from the living lives of others.There is an old saying which goes: “Do what you must, come what may”. What is coming your way, what is calling for your action? What patterns do you see emerging in your life?

TeaterX has been in service of the Scandinavian society since 1999, giving public performances and workshops for the development of organisations and society at large. The group consists of 9 members who are trained actors/musicians as well as pedagogues, psychologists, therapists and consultants. TeaterX is performing and giving workshops in Swedish, Norwegian and English. www.teaterx.se

Members: Jan Platander, Synne Platander, Maria Danielsson, Pontus Holmgren, Jörgen Krantz, Marie-Louise Larsson, Linda Tervo, Ann-Sofie Wensbo, Ewa Lindberg,

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Spektro’s performance: Gratitude - what is already there? Saturday 19.00
This is the third show on Life is a journey, the adventures of life. The theme for tonight is Gratitude, what is already there. What are you thankful for and why is that? Is there a special story behind this? This will be explored this evening.

Spektro Playbackteater is a playback theatre company since 2016 and based in Stockholm. NAV is our home base and we perform at their stage on a regular basis. We also play for organisations, businesses and education.

The ensemble consist of Ann Nilsson, Georg Philips, Heléne don Lind, Janne Tellinger , Jens Malmström, Johan Lidman, Lotta Berg Persson, Roger Marklund

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Tellus playback theatre - "Turning point" - Sunday 14.30

Life comes with constant change. Our lives are full of it. What has been a turning point in your life? What was a moment when things changed for you? Let’s watch!

Tellus playback theatre is an international Stockholm based international group performing in English. Currently Tellus consists of Ibrahim Bumin Kara, Idil Tng, Kamala Lundin,Margareta Lindvall Rolfhamre,Marie-Louise Larsson, Marléne Söderquist Neijber, Melissa Abecassis, Naima Clevenhag, Onur Mukannasgil, Pontus Holmgren, Preetha Sridhar, (Sam Sofia Rooth)

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