Tickets (Dinner included)

Nora Bateson & Daniel Schmachtenberger

"Learning to be in the world"

Dinner & Talk

In a time when deep change is needed globally, Daniel Schmachtenberger and Nora Bateson are often invited into discussions of how to meet the big problems humanity is facing…

This is a rare opportunity to participate in a conversation between them that reaches into the depth of personal experience on the day-to-day level of growing up, and preparing the next generations for a new world.

Both Daniel and Nora were raised in households that approached intergenerational learning in unorthodox ways. Both are engaged in the question of how profound shifts happen— and learning to be in this rapidly changing world. What does this mean in terms of parenting? Or caring for the elders? Or learning to live together?

Mingel from 5:30 pm at NAV Rotorfabriken  
The converstion starts @ 6:30 pm
Dinner: Buffet, Dessert, coffee/tea (included in the price)
Drinks and snacks are available at a good price 

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Tickets (Dinner included)

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When: Saturday , October 22
Time: Mingel från kl. 17:30, Food avaible from 18:00
Scenprogram från kl 18:30 - 21:00 ca 
Where: NAV: Rotorfabriken, Värmdövägen 120 (entre at Rotorslingan - (look for TEXAB) 

Tickets: Entré and Dinner: 395 SEK

NAV member: 350 SEK
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Tickets (Dinner included)