Bateson Anniversaries Commemoration

50th of Steps to an Ecology of Mind


10th of Warm Data

Join us for the kick-off of a year-long series of warm offerings—each an exploration in mutual inquiry of Gregory’s seminal ideas—double bind, schismogenesis, play, deutero learning, communication, ecology, multiple description, abductive process, differences of abstraction and difference that makes a difference, mind, and interrelationships. The conversations will happen in conjunction with Warm Data Labs and People Need People sessions—to commemorate the momentous confluence for the Bateson family lineage with the 50th Anniversary of Steps to an Ecology of Mind by Gregory Bateson and Nora Bateson’s work, Warm Data, birthed on a paper napkin 10 years ago and evolving into a rigorous practice called Warm Data Labs with over 630 hosts worldwide. Hosted by Nora Bateson, International Bateson Institute, & Bateson Idea Group

Some of the guests throughout the year-long series include:

  • Barry Schwartz
  • Carlos Alvarez-Pereira
  • Erik Graffman
  • Fanny Marell
  • Fred Steier
  • Göran Janson
  • Howard Kornfeld
  • Imelda McCarthy
  • Jeff Bloom
  • Karin Schanger
  • Katja Neves
  • Lance Strate
  • Leslie Eubanks
  • Lois Bateson
  • Louise Lowings
  • Maimunah Mosli
  • Nicole Anne Boyer
  • Nicole Boyer
  • Per Jensen
  • Phoebe Tickell
  • Phillip Guddemi
  • Rex Weyler
  • Roxana Vatanparast
  • Serena Dinelli
  • Sevanne Kassarjian
  • Stephen Nachmanovitch
  • Thomas Hylland Eriksen
  • Tim Gasperak
  • Tim Keanini
  • Tom Cummings
  • Wendel Ray
  • Ylva Telegin

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All you need to know

Drinks and snacks are available at good prices.
Soup and bread included in the price

When: March 29, at 1700
AfterWork from 1600 and program from 1700
Plats: NAV: Rotorfabriken, Värmdövägen 120, Järla

On site: 120 kr (soup and bread included) 

Online ticket register:



Nora Bateson
filmmaker, writer and educator, President of the International Bateson Institute

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